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Fishing and hunting camp

Fishing and hunting camp "Tipanovka" located on the N. coast of the Kola Peninsula (see map) near the mouth of the river Tipanovka. Distance from camp to the river is about 100m. The river flows into the Barents Sea, the distance from  camp to the sea is 700m *.

Convenient location camp ( to Malyy Oleniy Island  2.4 nautical miles, to the island  Kil'din 6.8 nautical miles ) and direct access to the sea provide excellent opportunities for sea fishing : there is no need to go very far in search of fish , all the cool places on the island Kil'din to Cape Teriberskiy are within walking distance . Also on this route from the west passes migration " capelin " cod . A river Tipanovka you have the opportunity to catch Atlantic salmon  tackles allowed within the statutory period .Living conditions and an atmosphere that prevails in our camp , pleasantly surprise you : this is a small island of civilization autonomous mode using alternative sources of energy lost in the mountain tundra north coast of the Kola Peninsula and will not leave you indifferent. With us you will feel better than at home : only one view opening to the waterfall from windows of the house , will remain in the memory long after you leave the camp , and will always have a desire to come back here again. Modern technical equipment combined with stained wood , eaten away by sea bugs , which is used in the finish, give a special flavor brutal . For those who want to get into a virgin place and it does not feel slighted at home and enjoy the benefits of civilization , our camp opens its doors.

Welcome to our board!

The exact coordinates of the camp: 69 ° 14 '53'' N 34 ° 33' 29'' E

The nearest town - village Teriberka.

Distance from fishing and hunting base to Teriberka by sea is 16 nautical miles (30km), about 1.5-3 hour trip on a motor yacht, depending on weather conditions.

For those who are going to come here in winter by snowmobile, most convenient way to travel from 49 km. Murmansk -Teriberka road.                     Truck for GPS navigators download here  for snowmobile.


Our camp is open year round.To us, you can come and for a few days and a week, and for a longer time. You can just relax, go fishing on the river or sea, hunting.

Special conditions (discounts, bonuses) provided to those who came ​​ to camp yourself (snowmobiling, boating, skiing, walking, helicopter, etc.)


7 beds heated wooden house (year-round)

  • Two rooms for 2 and one room with 3 beds
  • Sleeps - Single, beddings
  • TV, DVD
  • electricity
  • Shower, toilet
  • Sauna

On our camp organized quality food.

Mobile telephony MTS operates  at the camp (not stable), and on the hill (about 300m away) far better, Megafon and MTS.

Additionally, the disposal group may be provided radio sets.

Transport connection

Transportation is carried out along the route

Murmansk (station) / Murmashy (airport) - Teriberka village - fishing and hunting camp Tipanovka

From Murmansk / airport Murmashy to Teriberka goes cars (approximate travel time 3 hours) from Teriberka to the estuary of Tipanovka - motor yacht or motorboat (approximate travel time 1.5-3 hours depending on weather conditions).

In addition, access to fishing and hunting camp by helicopter from airport Murmashy can be time 1 hour or snowmobile in the winter from 49 km. road Murmansk-Teriberka 2 hour.


  • Fish : Atlantic salmon  , brown trout , brook trout , salmon , trout, cod , haddock , halibut, catfish , plaice .

  • Bird : bean goose , ducks , partridges polar .

  • Animals: hare, fox , brown bear .


There are two of the landing from the sea to the camp, length 700 meters and 2,100 meters . Choosing a location is determined by the rough seas , if the sea is calm , the landing is made in the near bay , if stormy , in the far bay, because it is more closed and secure . When planting in the long bay on the way to camp further we force Tipanovka river by boat. Please keep in mind when collecting baggage that from both bays to the camp there are no roads , only deer trails, luggage tour participants delivered to the camp by the moto-ATV, tourists on tours outside the program is delivered your luggage yourself or on a fee basis.