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Deep sea fishing

Sea fishing in the Barents Sea is possible all year round , as it does not freeze because of the sea of the Gulf Stream . Most comfortable weather conditions for fishing starts in the second half of March and continues almost to mid-October . Most nice results time - since the beginning of March until the end of April . At this time there is the so-called migration capelin cod (after capelin , which goes on spawning cod should be ) , and across instances up to 25 kg , but at other times as they say happens shoot , but the ear can catch almost always , even with the bad circumstances ( weather, etc. )

Out to sea fishing is possible both from Teriberka and from camp Tipanovka.

Information about sea fishing

Fishing is carried on board the comfortable motor yacht "Sea Hunter". Two engines from 225 hp and modern navigation equipment enable to provide a high level of safety in navigation and finding concentrations of fish, and panoramic windows give the cabin an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of the sea and coastline from any place. On a motor yacht has all conditions for comfortable fishing: WC, wash basin, shower, DVD, crockery, gas stove, refrigerator. Number of fishermen fishing for easy no more than 6-8.

What caught: cod, catfish, haddock, redfish, ruff, flounder, hake, halibut, pollock.


What to bring?

For saltwater fishing , it is desirable to foresee the necessary and useful items of equipment with which fishing will be comfortable and pleasant :

  • Sunglasses ( or better yet polarizing ) glasses - they protect your eyes from the sun's glare on the surface of the water and get rid of headaches .
  • Special cap or visor to protect from the sun.
  • Thermal underwear , warm shoes , waterproof and windproof clothing. Desirable jacket with hood should be to protect it from the strong sea wind .
  • Seasickness pills , who suffers from it .
  • Camera or camcorder if you want beauty memorializing Russian north and entrapment trophies.

What not to take ?

  • Black rubber boots or shoes that leave black marks , dirty clothes * .


How to catch? **

The sea to catch someone spinning. The fish here is the largest river, the depth more so tackle should be stronger and heavy. Fishing will be from the yacht, as well as by appointment at your disposal can be provided inflatable boat (engine 30 hp).

The most common way saltwater fishing in the Barents Sea jigging. Bait can be used as an artificial and live cuts of fresh fish. Usually catch on Punda or pilker to 500g.

Wishing to combine a deep-sea fishing with accommodation at our camp in its program, please contact us to clarify the terms.


* We reserve the right to refuse a visitor to find on a yacht in untidy clothes or shoes.

** For sea fishing yacht additionally provided free gear (for the loss or damage of returned their full price).