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Eco-tourism in the Kola Peninsula

Eco-tourism, is a form of relaxation, during which you can admire the beauty of wildlife. Throughout the world, this kind of tourism is gaining popularity.

We have developed hiking trails through the tundra - do not require special physical training and forces everyone wanting an adult and a child. Isolated location our camp ensures achieving harmony with the environment.

You can look at the beautiful scenery, the northern tundra and its inhabitants - deer, geese, ducks, lemmings, polar owls. Walking along the river by boat, clear water allows us to consider every pebble on the bottom and river fish.

You may want to go to sea and admire the marine life - seals, whales (in good weather they can be seen even from the shore), and on the beach a couple of kilometers from the base to look at the bird colonies.

If You are fond of diving, we provide an opportunity to plunge into the Barents Sea.

For the photographer naturalist here expanse, there is something to preserve for history.

                                                                                  What to bring?      

For a pleasant journey do not forget to bring:

  • Sunglasses, cap or special sun shade.
  • Thermal underwear, warm shoes, waterproof and windproof clothing. Jacket have to be hooded to protect against strong sea breeze on the coast it can reach 30 m / s.
  • Camera or camcorder.