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Fishing on the Kola Peninsula

If you want to plunge into the world of wildlife harsh but beautiful North, enjoy fishing on the noble Atlantic salmon  in the river near the mouth, in the vicinity of the Barents Sea, the marine fish catch from the deck motor yacht, or simply enjoy the foreshore and sea inhabitants, we will help you with this.

Fishing area in which fishing is permitted on licensed salmon, extends nearly 10 km between the hills and rock formations to the lake Ivaryavr. Herd of Atlantic salmon, the setting for spawning in Tipanovka river does not rise above the falls, and focuses on one and a half miles from the mouth. There are a few pools where guaranteed advocated salmon. "Fish" - as the locals respectfully referred to salmon.

The nearby lakes and the river above the falls abundance of lake trout and brown trout which You can catch both in summer and winter. The waterfall is also rising up from the sea arctic char, sea trout and pink salmon.